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Crown Lynn Kiwi

Crown Lynn Kiwi Swan Large Black Matt

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The swan vase is one of Crown Lynn’s most enduring symbols. They were first made in the mid to late 1940’s and decorated in plain pastel or trickle glazes. From 1948, when a soft white matt glaze was developed, most made were white. A few – a rarity now – were given yellow beaks, and a few were black. White swans sold by the thousands and were still on the market in 1973. Swans made before 1968 have three-digit shape numbers; 154 for the small and 170 for the large.

After 1968, swans were made at the newly bought out Titian factory, and given four-digit shape numbers; 2065 for the smallest, 2147 for the medium sized and 2066 for the largest.

The classic white swan was made in two shapes – one is commonly known as the male shape – and in three sizes.

Reprinted with permission © Valerie Ringer Monk, ‘Crown Lynn Collector’s Handbook’, Penguin Books NZ, 2013. 

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